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 Dr. Johnson-Kallos, Dissertation Editor

Elisabeth Johnson-Kallos, PhD  (Walden '96)
Dissertation Editor, Translator, Writing Coach






Areas of Expertise

I edited more than 500 doctoral dissertations, proposals, master's theses, and articles in the last 15+ years. As an expert in APA Format and Chicago Manual of Style, I welcome writers whose native language is not English, and I provide support services to native speakers whose strengths lie in areas other than writing. I provide editing services to students and publishing faculty at many universities in the United States, while my clients may reside anywhere on the globe. Currently, I work with clients in Australia, Egypt, Europe, Saudi Arabia, China, and Taiwan as well as throughout the USA and Canada.

My knowledge and interests as editor and translator span many topics. I worked on dissertations in Administration & Management, Health & Human Services, Psychology & Education, and Philosophy & Theology.

I also enjoy editing nonacademic manuscripts, and cookbooks could be considered a specialty of the house. (Click here for seasonal recipes as a PDF file.) In addition, I am an experienced translator of legal, medical, and literary works.

I will make
* your ideas clear
* your prose fluent
* your manuscript expertly styled and pleasing to the eye






What Others Say About my Work

“Thank you very much, it has been a pleasure working with you during these pivotal time in my professional growth. You have been a blessing throughout and I have learned a lot from you. Hopefully, we will work together again as I intend to embark on further research work and publishing. Also considering the post-doctoral PhD. Thanks a lot.”

S.O., Doctor of Nursing Practice
Area of Research: Evidence-Based Practice: Managing Night Nurse Sleepiness

“Hi Elisabeth: you did a beautiful editing job for P. She has a wonderful project that I hope she will publish. Thanks so much.”

DNP Faculty, School of Nursing, Walden University

“I just wanted to tell you thank you so much for all of your assistance that you have given me throughout this process. I finally submitted my final paper with a few added areas (which you said to me were missing) and it was an almost perfect paper after the Form & Style review by Walden University . . . I have a couple of DNP peers to send to you because I think you are the best and worth every dime.”

P.G., Doctor of Nursing Practice
Area of Research: Evidence-Based Practice

“Thanks. I am working on my writing!!  Every day!!  But, you are worth every penny.”

A.F.S, PhD cand.
Area of Research: Human Services, Clinical Social Work

“I always share with others how priceless it was for me getting an editor
in getting through my dissertation process. I truly believe I graduated a couple semesters earlier
because of your help with editing, as my paper was not sent back for extensive and
numerous revisions the way it was done for others.”

Dr. R.V., PhD in Public Health (NIH)
Area of Research: Idiopathic Inflammatory Myopathies

“Thanks for all your help. I truly appreciate everything. I have learned a lot from you,
especially to hire someone who knows what they are doing right away.”

M.B., EdD cand.
Area of Research: Administrative Leadership: Culturally Responsive Teaching

“Today the University Research Reviewer approved my dissertation.
I couldn't have chosen a more competent editor and I thank you for all of your hard work.”

C.F., PhD
Area of Research: Dyslexia

“Thank God you were recommended to me as an editor who can get the job done.
I'm enjoying this work again, and I have you to thank for that.”

N.C., PhD cand.  (Southeastern United States)
Area of Research: Postsecondary/Web-based Education

“I just got word that my proposal was approved as submitted! Thank you for all of your hard work!
I literally could not have done it without you. :-)”

Mary F.-M., PhD
Area of Research: Administration and Decision Sciences

“Dr. EJK was wonderful in assisting me to put on paper all those words that were in my head.”
R. U. (Eastern United States)
Area of Research: Clinical Psychology


“I am so thankful your name was in the right place on the Walden Web page. Great job!

You truly saved my sanity in these final stages.”
You have earned your $$$$$."

M. R., PhD
Area of Research: Management

“ Thank you for your wonderful editing on my Praxis I. 
You made everything flow without changing the meaning or the intent of my words.”
K. W. (Connecticut)
Area of Research: Teacher Education


“I don't know how to thank you enough for the great job you did.”
B. D., PhD (Nebraska)
Area of Research: Public Health


“ This is a note of THANKS for all the supreme editing, support, and
spiritual encouragement that I have received from you.
When I heard all three professors say 'welcome to the club,'
I felt something I had never experienced before,
and I know I could not have done this without your help.”
S. S.-H., PhD (Pennsylvania)
Area of Research: Criminal Justice


“ I appreciate your help, talent, and time you are giving my project.
All I can say to you is Thank you....thank you ....thank you!!!! :-)
I am sooooo excited this is finally coming to an end. Yippee.”

F. R., PhD
Area of Research: Female Executive Leadership

“ I just reviewed the paper and sent it on to my committee chair.
You did a fantastic job; really happy with everything; could not be done any better.
You are right: it is quantitative, not qualitative ... I missed this even reading it several times.
You are a very detail-oriented person.”
R. V., PhD cand. (Maryland)
Area of Research: Public Health


“ You gave my thinking the punch that it needed. I am truly in awe of your work.”
K. W. (Connecticut)
Area of Research: Education


“ I want to congratulate you on the improvement of this KAM. 
It was a good move to get an outstanding editor, and I'm sure you've learned
a lot of good basic skills from working with her. I enjoyed reading this KAM
once it was presented in a satisfactory way - your ideas about juvenile violence
and combating it are great and you have my utmost support in that endeavor.”
J. L. C., Dissertation Adviser (Philadelphia)
Area of Research: Juvenile Justice


“ Thank you very much. In the meantime, I have stopped shopping so that I can pay my bill.
It's worth it!”

R. R.-S., PhD (Chicago)
Area of Research: Counseling Psychology

“ I hope to get to meet you some day. When I saw what you had done, I broke down and cried. 
Thank you ever so much for your services.”
P. C., PhD cand. (Germany)
Area of Research: Early Literacy Development


“Thank you for being not only an editor, but also a teacher.”

F. A., PhD
Area of Research: Homelessness & Schizophrenia

“I want to thank you so much for your help. You acted so swiftly to help me with my dissertation.”
I will be a great marketing person for your services."

F. S. R., PhD
Area of Research: Administration and Management

“I hope to work with you on several
projects in the future. You have been a pleasure to work with.”
M. W. (Wisconsin)
Area of Research: Fire & Emergency Medical Services

“I will be accepting the Hodgkinson Award for Excellence in Research at graduation ceremonies on Saturday.
It was only with your excellent editing and direction that I could accomplish this.

Thank you again.”

M. H. R., PhD
Area of Research: Administration and Decision Sciences

“You're a real motivator :-)”

R. K. J., PhD (Michigan)
Area of Research: Business Administration

“My hat's off to you (or your editor, if you hired one) because this is now a pleasure to read.”

J. Z., WU Dissertation Editor (speaking to one of my clients)






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